What to Pack for a Market

When I talk to other creatives who create to sell, there's a clear divide between those who love markets, those who want to try one but are a little apprehensive, and those who only step foot in a market if they're there to shop! 


Me? I love markets! Only a few weeks after I decided to sell my work, I took part in the largest Christmas craft fair in my area, with other 200 other vendors. I was so nervous, didn't really know what I was doing, and definitely was not prepared.


However, I had an amazing time! Everyone was so kind, other vendors provided a ton of helpful advice, and I was able to speak with so many sweet attendees. With all of that feedback, I was able to adjust my market approach, prepare ahead of time, and update my display to benefit both me and my potential customers. 


Now in 2022, I have a clear plan when it comes to markets. It helps me save time and effort beforehand, manage my stress (I'm naturally anxious so there is always some stress), and bring the best experience I can to the event! 


My last post talked about when to begin preparing for markets, and today we're going to talk about what to bring to an event. This is based on my craft & experience, so you may need to adjust. I'd love to hear if you do anything differently or if I've missed anything important! I'll also make this available as a PDF download, but reach out if you'd like access to this before it's linked! 


*This blog post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases when you click through the links and make a purchase, however, this does not change the price that you pay. This is another way you can support my business, by purchasing things you may be buying anyway!  


What to Pack for Markets

Display items 

  • Tablecloth (preferably floor length)
    • I have been using this one for a few years when I have a table: https://amzn.to/3Qab0s8
  • Table runner
  • Display wall/grid wall
  • Hooks or attachments for wall display
  • Decorations for wall display
  • Decorations for table display
  • Baskets or boxes
  • Risers for height
  • Tools, screws, etc
  • Branding signage
  • Pricing signage 
  • Any additional signage (payment info, social media, newsletter signups, etc).
  • Business cards & holder
  • Mirror (if you offer wearables)
  • Lighting (to draw the eye, highlight items, light in dark venues)
  • Extension cord
  • Table (if venue does not provide)
  • Tent (if outdoors and venue does not provide)

Packaging items

  • Bags (ideally with handles; various sizes to suit your items, bigger orders, etc)
  • Boxes for fragile items
  • Stamps, stickers, for bags/boxes (ideally applied prior to market to save time)
  • Tissue paper, bubble wrap, etc (as needed)
  • Thank you cards
  • Contact information (business card, social media card, etc) 


  • Your items! 
  • Any accessories needed to display or demonstrate function
  • Extra products (store under table and replace display as needed).
  • Extra product labels/attachments (if individually labeled)


  • Snacks (keep it neat and minimal residue/crumbs, easy to eat/chew)
  • WATER - more than you think you'll need
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cash float with variety of coins/bills
  • Lock box/somewhere to keep transaction-related items
  • Phone
  • Charge cord
  • Charge bank 
  • Card reader (new sign-ups can use my referral link for no processing fees on your first $1000 within 180 days! I receive the same. squareup.com/i/ANAPPLEAD3
  • Charge cord for the card reader
  • Mini tool/repair kit (scissors, safety pins, thread, tape, pen, sharpie)
    • Love little thread snippers with safety covers, like these: https://amzn.to/3PUa8YW
  • Notepad, custom order forms, newsletter sign-up sheet, etc. 


 Like I said, this isn't exhaustive and I'm sure I've forgotten something. However, I hope this list will help prevent YOU from forgetting something! 


Let me know if this is helpful! 


Until next time <3 


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